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Volume 47, N. 1 (2023)Special Issue Acoustics of Ancient Theatres

Pubblicato 22 November 2023

Descrizione del fascicolo

Ancient theatres are some of the most significant cultural and architectural masterpieces of the ancient world. The Greeks and Romans developed these spaces for entertainment, political and social commentary, religious rituals and artistic expression. They were built with great attention to acoustics and sightlines. The use of materials such as marble, stone, and brick helped to reflect and amplify sound, while seating arrangements and other architectural features were used to optimize the audience’s listening experience. Today, many ancient theatres have been restored or preserved and are often still used for public performances including opera, drama, speech and music. Furthermore, researchers continue to study the acoustic properties of these ancient spaces, seeking to better understand the technical and artistic innovations that enabled the creation of such remarkable buildings.

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