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FrancoAngeli Journals


2 issues per year, ISSN 2038-9442, ISSNe 2284-015X
Editors-in-chief: Michele Corsi, Catia Giaconi, Lorella Giannandrea, Pier Giuseppe Rossi, Massimiliano Stramaglia
Classified "A" by ANVUR in the fields 11/D1, 11/D2

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Current Issue

Volume 13, No. 2 (2022)Special Pedagogy and Special Didactics for an innovative school and an inclusive education

Published December 20, 2022

Issue description

The issue 2/2022 of the Journal Education Science & Society aims to deepen the important topic of Special Didactics and trace the state of the art of the reflections and practices implemented aimed at the creation of an innovative school and, in a broader sense, o ... See the full issue