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Vol. 13 No. 1 (2022): Young people, institutions and territories

PNRR, the value of the relationship between Education, Research and Entrepreneurial World. In the name of inclusion and cohesion

marzo 29, 2022


The contribution offers an emblematic analysis of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan from the perspective of training the younger generations. The author argues that a reflection on the NRRP in the educational field, iuxta propria principia and without claiming to be exhaustive, cannot neglect education and research, social inclusion and territorial cohesion, with particular reference to the Plan’s fourth and fifth missions. Between the pandemic and humanitarian emergencies, it is essential to recognize and promote the relational dimension of development, in order to generate a virtuous circle. Training and entrepreneurial activities, the enhancement of territories and the expansion of job opportunities will construct active citizenship and an inclusive society. The National Recovery and Resilience Plan will be really generative the more it manages to interpret the interests and needs of the different parts of society, transforming the mobilization of young people, the life of families and the functioning of institutions into relationships of peace and visions of the future.



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