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2/2023 - Call for papers


Art, Fashion and Environment. Contemporary itineraries among landscapes, curves, and epistemological bumps
Education Sciences & Society – Vol. 14, n. 2/2023

The call for papers No. 2/2023 of Education Sciences & Society aims to collect possible interpretations on today's society. The starting point is represented by three key words – Art, Fashion and Environment – well-fitting within the contemporary pedagogical debate. From the restorative function of art to the educational and formative value of the artistic-expressive experience. From the importance of a critical interpretation of the different communicative languages to the function of fashion and trends to anticipate global changes in attitudes and consumption. From the function of non-formal and informal contexts as privileged places for participatory and situated learning to the challenges of “sustainable” education in terms of respect and protection of our planet. Therefore, the goal of this number is to gather contributions, both in Italian and foreign languages, with a clear pedagogical imprint. The papers should be useful to identify epistemological constructs and good educational practices (qualitative-quantitative, experiential, artistic, social, recent, or ongoing) on the above-mentioned themes and topics.

* * *

Languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish
Max Lenght: 20,000 characters (spaces included)
Manuscripts due: September 1st, 2023
Review Results: October 1nd, 2023
Revision due: November 2nd, 2023

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The issue will be published in December 2023