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About the Journal

Rivista di Psicologia Clinica/The Italian Journal of Clinical Psychology (RPC) is an open access Journal, which publishes papers focused on any area of the Clinical Psychology as well as concerning its interdisciplinary interests.

Theoretical, review, empirical and case reports works are welcome, in all cases based on their quality in terms of innovation and methodological rigor. Case studies will be accepted if they use the intervention experience for modeling purposes.

RPC publishes articles in English and Italian, in the latter case when this choice is functional to the topic and/or is useful given the target audience. Articles in Italian will be placed in a specific section.

RPC adopts a double-blind peer review policy. It will also host a debate area, whose contributions will be subject to the evaluation of the Editorial Board only. As far, the idea is to keep the current mode of open access online publication.

* * *

RPC has a long and important history. Founded in 1982, it contributed to lay the grounds for clinical psychology to emerge as a distinct disciplinary field and a new professional area in Italy.

RPC aims to be the driver of a view of clinical psychology characterized by the merge of two main theoretical and methodological tenets: A) a broad vision of the function of clinical psychology, according to which clinical psychology has to embrace the ambition to go beyond individual and micro-social issues, and encompass social and institutional phenomena as areas of interventions; B) a critique of the applicative and top-down view of the relation between knowledge and practice, and the corresponding proposal to conceptualize that relation in terms of a recursive dialectics.

RPC is designed to be an open space of debate, able to foster dialogue between the different souls and sensitivities of the Clinical Psychology, with a particular attention paid to the dialectic between research and intervention, the dialogue among theoretical and methodological frameworks, the analysis and the construction of strategies to address the emergent challenges that society provides to psychology and more in general to social sciences.

Accordingly, RPC can be meant to stand for the link between Research, Profession and Contexts.

From 2022, RPC will have a new Editor in chief (EIC), a new group of Co-Editors, supported by a new Editorial Board (SC).