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Vol. 8 No. 1 (2017): ESS - Educational Abuse and Violence against Children/L’abuso educativo e la violenza sui minori

Protecting minors against violence: from strategy to practice

  • Elisabetta Biffi
luglio 14, 2017


Based on a reflection on forms and meanings of the childhood protection in our contemporary era, this paper aims at proposing the analysis of some international strategies of intervention to tackle the emergency of violence against children. The report 10 years on: Global Progress and Delay in Ending Violence Against Children – the Rhetoric and the Reality, recently published by the International NGO Council on Violence Against Children, highlights the extent and the pervasiveness of violence against children. The childhood protection, in this panorama, is a complex task, which needs a strategic intervention from different levels and several perspectives. This paper will explore some of the main possible international strategies in order to create a network for understanding, preventing and dealing with the drama of violence against children.


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