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Vol. 7 No. 2 (2016): ESS - Alignment, attunement, co-activity, co-regulation. Convergent trajectories?

Apprendimento e Insegnamento nella prospettiva dell’Enattivismo

dicembre 15, 2016


This article deals with one of the structural problems of Enaction, namely <Solipsism>, which had already been the target of criticisms that were directed against its early (remote) anticipations in Edmund Husserl’s Phenomenology, and is the raison d’être of internal corrections such as <Empathy> (Einfühlung) and the <Mimetic Mind Theory>. In particular, in the context of educational research, the focus on the subject produces a <Mirror Syndrome> that involves the overturning of Learning on Teaching, as the use of categories such as <Attunement>, <Alignment> and <Co-Activité> demonstrates. Enaction can exit from this contradiction, while maintaining its own framework, by re-calling knowledge that the ‘subject-teacher’ builds through the action of teaching and the resistances opposed  by the ‘subject-pupil’.


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