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Newsletter "Clinica dell'Alcolismo"

N. 62 (2023)

An exploratory study on alchol related problems aming party-goers in the Veneto Region, Italy

22 ottobre 2023


Aim. In this study, we aimed to assess party-goers' alcohol use patterns and risky behaviours related to driving in the Veneto Region, Italy, utilizing risk reduction drop-in mobile units. We compared the prevalence of binge drinking and risky behaviours among party-goers with the general population to identify potential differences.

Methodology. Data from 35,882 party-goers visiting mobile units near clubs and pubs in Veneto from 2008 to 2018 were collected. The data included alcohol test results, demographic information, and alcohol consumption-related responses. We contextualized findings by comparing them with a recent survey of binge-drinking patterns in young adults aged 18 to 24 in the general population.

Results. Party-goers in Safe Night projects exhibited higher rates of binge drinking than the overall Italian population. Females (68.07%) and males (69.29%) reported getting drunk one or more times per year, contrasting with lower percentages in the general population (4.7% females and 14.8% males). Those previously disqualified from driving showed higher alcohol levels.

Conclusion. Our findings emphasize the need for prevention measures targeting alcohol abuse in nightlife settings among young adults aged 18-29 in Veneto. Further research is warranted to reduce health emergencies related to acute intoxication, alcohol-related violence, and car accidents.

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