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Casi clinici

N. 56 (2020)

Il caso di Beatrice ovvero “svezzarsi dal misuso inveterato di benzodiazepine senza ricovero”

21 December 2021


The withdrawal of Beatrice from high loads of “lormetazepam oral solution”, a drug which is largely overprescribed by Italian Doctors who are often unaware of its dangerous addiction potential, as an outpatient was allowed thanks to an intensive and comprehensive care in a private specialized setting. The gold standard of the treatment of lormetazepam very high dose misuse is the detoxification in a specialized Medical ward, better if a flumazenil protocol is administered. In this case on the contrary we realized a very slow tapering of Beatrice‘s everyday intake of very high doses of lormetazepam out of the Hospital. An Addiction Specialist and a Psychotherapist delivered a keen clinical control together with a sharp phone care and such combined treatment was effective, so that Beatrice achieved an improvement of the quality of her life while getting off her 8 years long “lormetazepam nightmare”.


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