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N. 57 (2022)

Substance use disorders and psychiatric co-morbidity in the public healthcare services of Veneto Region. State of art and epidemiological data

24 November 2021


Italy has two different public healthcare services taking in care patients with dual diagnosis: (1) the mental health services (Centri di Salute Mentale – CSM) and (2) and the drug abuse services (Servizi per le Dipendenze – Ser.D.).
We collected and analyzed data regarding the frequency of the co-morbidities in Veneto Region during 2019.
Our study shows that only the 1% of the patients in treatment in the mental health services and the 8.7% of those in drug abuse services are recognized as dual diagnosed subjects. In drug abuse services the most frequent substance use disorders (SUD) correlated with a psychiatric disease were the alcohol and opioids use disorders, while the most prevalent psychiatric disorders associated with a SUD were the personality disorders and the schizophrenia, schizotypal and delusional disorders.
Our data indicate that the diagnosis of co-morbidity should be improved in both services and that integrated programs between the above services should be developed to improve the best practices.

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