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N. 125 (2023)

Health risk management: The ASL BT experience

novembre 24, 2023


ASL BT, born from the merger of three company branches, now eighteen years old, has a transversal departmental organization. In the Staff Department, there is the Clinical Risk Management Unit, which carries out prospective planning activities in the medium/long term. The systematic monitoring of all incident reporting systems, as well as requests for compensation and the economic aspects relating to direct costs (for damages related to adverse events) and indirect costs (for disputes), allow the UO to plan the prevention activities. This prevents the health risk and the recurrence of events, which in various ways have generated “losses” for the patient, the Company and the professionals.
The establishment of a clinical risk network made up of representatives and facilitators, the sharing of all the proposed procedures and protocols and above all, the training aimed at increasing the culture of safety and awareness among all employees Healthcare, have a crucial role.


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