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Arts and crafts

N. 49 (2019)

The dark emanations from the psyche

10 maggio 2019


Interviewed by Chiara Tozzi, Nancy Swift Furlotti narrates her individual existential path interweaving it with that of a Jungian analyst and illustrating her relationship with the “dark emanations of the psyche”: from the individual and collective ghosts to the archetypal images represented by Jung in the Red Book, of which Furlotti has curated, together with others for the Philemon Foundation, the scanning and publication. Furlotti illustrates her perspective on the practice of active imagination and the correlation between archetypal and film images, by virtue of her participation in the making of documentaries on Jung and other members of the Jungian community, and of her activity as a member of the Director of the Mercurius Prize.


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