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English Articles

N. 49 (2019)

“Reflections of the Soul in the Spirit of the River”. Fragments of an ethical discourse between the Ego and the Self in a context of restricted freedom

10 May 2019


The article is the elaboration, from the point of view of analytical psychology, of an experience of bodily expressiveness conducted by the author within a situation of coercion of freedom. Gesture is the oldest word. Word intended not as Logos but as Mythos: symbolic word. The group, through the language of the body, manifested the myth, the symbolic narrative, that lived in the here and now of the meeting. The reparative function of the transpersonal-unconscious emerged with respect to the group's conscience. The river, as an archetypic image of the spirit, has reflected original value and purity to a consciousness identified with shadows of guilt, shame and unworthiness.


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